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RIP Alan Krueger

Alan Krueger, an economics professor at Princeton, and a man who had held important economic policy posts in each of the last two Democratic administrations, died on March 16, of suicide.

As I write, I do not know the means of suicide. I'm not sure if I should even be wondering why, or if the silence should be taken as a good thing, a giftless horse into whose mouth I should not look.

He was 58 years old.

His political views were standard-issue center-left. One of the facts that draw my attention, looking at some of the bio notice issued since his death, is: why was his time in the Obama administration so brief?

Krueger was named chair of Obama's Council of Economic Advisors in November 2011, three years after Obama's election. He left that office in August 2013. So he was there for less than two years out of an 8 year term. Then the President brought in Jason Furman instead. Was there a power-struggle story there that we in the general public have never been told about?

Some Cognitive Biases

There are lots of cognitive biases in the world. Here are four -- from a list I discovered in some random web surfing. But re-written in my own style. 

Group Think. Also known as "communal reinforcement." Members of your echo chamber may constantly reassure one another that X is the case So of course you are certain, living in that echo chamber, that X is the case.

Talk about a Love-Hate Relationship

NewYork to Amazon: Please put a headquarters here.

Amazon to New York: Okay.

New York: How dare you!

Amazon: We know when we're not wanted.

New York: Pleeease come back.